Reinventing Custom Homes

You finally found the perfect piece of property to build your dream house on. With the cost of materials today, building a traditional home could cost you almost as much as simply buying one. If you want a custom home for all your needs you may want to consider some of these options.

Tiny Home

You’ve seen these all over social media. Tiny houses are typically no more than 400 sq ft. Perfect for a single person or minimalist couple. They are mostly built on trailers and can be moved around with your wanderlust, or taken off the trailer, put on a foundation and made into a permanent structure. If you are using your tiny home as a primary dwelling it will have to be on a foundation and conform to all local building codes. Some families are choosing small houses which are essentially the same as a tiny house but can be as big as 1000 sq ft.

Container houses

Built from a shipping container these houses have been used to create some stunning and inventive modular-style homes. Also available in a 100 sq ft office pod, there is no limit to how large or how creative you can be with these homes. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go down to the shipyards and barter for one, there are many companies on the island that will build you one in a few months customized to your specifications. Strong, stylish and durable, these homes are a truly modern and unique option.

Carriage house

A carriage house is typically located on the periphery of a property as a secondary dwelling, often on top of a garage or workshop. Great for a mortgage helper, space for the parents, or as a guest house. Most residential areas are zoned for a second dwelling but always have your realtor make sure before you buy.

Laneway House

A form of detached secondary suite that is typically built onto a pre-existing lot, opening onto a back lane. These homes are usually built on ground level, and are frequently garage conversions, a tiny home can also be a lane-way house.

Pre-fabricated green homes

There are so many cool options to design your own house. From small cabins to 3000sq ft roundhouses, (check out Mandala homes, based in Nelson, BC) you can find the design that suits you. Search “pre-fab net-zero and you will be overwhelmed with choices. Most of these homes need to be assembled on site. Depending on which company you go through, you may need to hire a contractor for construction. Some prefabricated homes don’t include foundation, plumbing or electrical. You may also need to have your site evaluated to make sure your design will sit on it the way you want. Some companies are full service, so make sure you know what is included and have all your ducks in a row in terms of project planning.

Don’t rush into anything. Always cover your bases. Have your realtor do their due diligence and make sure the property you purchase is zoned correctly and that your chosen site is appropriate for the home you choose.